Astro Spectra W9 VHF 146-174 110W 255Ch

Motorola Astro Spectra W9 VHF 146-174 Mhz 110 Watt 255 Channel
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Price: $275.00
Brand: Motorola
Name: Motorola Astro Spectra W9
Model#: T04KLH9PW9AN
Head Type: W9
Frequency: VHF
Band: 146-174 Mhz
Power: 110 Watts
Channels: 255
Narrow Band: Yes
Flashcode: 500001-000000-8

Palm Mic
Control Cable
Power Cable
Mounting Bracket
External Speaker
Free Programming Up to 16 Channels

Options installed on this Flashcode:

G806 ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation
G114 Enhanced Digital ID Display
G48 Conventional Systems Operation
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